Hardware and Software Procurement

“I want to be sure that the hardware you supply for me is what's right for my business, not your bottom line”

Traditionally IT companies substantially mark-up the reseller prices that are available to them as members of the trade. As such they see hardware and software procurement as a means of generating significant profit. Pretty soon they are torn between the easy profits of fast sales and fast turnover, and the genuine dedication that support demands.

We know what we do, and we believe in doing it well. Computer Angels believe hardware and software procurement to be an integral part of the service we provide to our clients, but we don’t however want it to distract us from our core business activities.

To this end we pass the benefit of our reseller status on to our customers by procuring hardware and software for them on a zero-markup basis.

This means that you will benefit from our expertise in procuring the equipment that best suits your needs, and from the savings we are able to achieve because of our reseller status. This also means there is no incentive for Computer Angels to supply equipment that earns us the greatest profit margin, or to sell you hardware that you don’t need. After all, we’re in the business of selling expertise, not boxes.